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East Dubuque Fire Chief Receives Chief Fire Officer Designation​ from the Center ​for Public Safety Excellence

East Dubuque Fire Department becomes a learning partner with Columbia Southern University 

As a learning partner our members and their immediate family are eligible for discounted learning towards earning a college degree! 

​Members of the East Dubuque Fire Department spent the weekend of October 20-22 at the Illinois Firefighters Conference in Champaign & also at the Tri-State Emergency Responder Conference in Dubuque. Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to learn new skills & serve the community better!!​

The East Dubuque Fire Department is looking for men and women that want to help out their community. We are looking for people willing to assist in providing emergency response, this can be as an EMT, a Firefighter/EMT, a Firefighter, or in a nonemergency role through our Fire Corp program. Contact us today and see how we can help you help YOUR COMMUNITY!! We can be reached at 815-747-6619, email eastdubuquefd@gmail.com or through the contact us page on our website www.eastdubuquefire.com

The holiday season is here again and the East Dubuque Fire Department wants everyone to have a safe and happy season.  This year the fire department will again have a wreath displayed at each fire station with red lights.  The goal is to have ZERO FIRES DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON.  In the unfortunate event of a fire a red light will be replaced with a white light.  The fire department will run this campaign through January 5, 2018.  
This campaign is designed to increase fire safety awareness during this festive holiday season.  The East Dubuque Fire Department also would like to offer these safety tips:
1. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they are in working order.  The batteries should be replaced every six months, if the batteries were not replaced recently, replace them now and if the detectors are over 7-10 years old replace the detectors.  If you cannot afford to replace your smoke detectors or need assistance in replacing your detectors contact the fire department.
2. Use caution with holiday candles and fragrance burners such as potpourri pots with tea light candles.  Make certain that they are placed in a way that they will not set fire to nearby items such as drapes or other decorations.
3. Fresh cut Christmas trees need to be watered daily to keep from drying out.  Be aware that as it dries out, the trees become EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.
4. Use caution with decorative lights.
5. NEVER leave home with your decorations still lit.
6. If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, make sure that it is in good working condition.  It is recommended that you have your chimney cleaned yearly by a professional chimney sweep.
7. Make sure that when you decorate this holiday season the decorations are in good condition.  Any light strands that are frayed or cracked need to be replaced with UL approved devices.
8. DO NOT OVERLOAD WALL PLUGS OR EXTENSION CORDS.  Electric cords or decorations that are used outdoors need to be designed for that use.  DO NOT PLACE ELECTRIC CORDS UNDER RUGS OR CARPET.  All electric cords need to be UL approved.
On a side note the fire department also requests that when it snows if you have a hydrant near your home PLEASE shovel out around the hydrant so in an emergency it is easier for us to get to.
The East Dubuque Fire Department wishes all families in the East Dubuque area a VERY SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.  If you have any questions about fire safety feel free to contact the fire department at 815-747-6619 or visit our website at www.eastdubuquefire.com.

East Dubuque Fire Department Personnel attend the Illinois Firefighters Conference at the Illinois Fire Service Institute in Champaign and the Tri-State Emergency Responder Conference at the Grand River Center in Dubuque 


Live Fire Training 


East Dubuque Fire Department Raises Money for MDA​

Thank you to Mike Ellen Boge Bigelow, Nick Manders, & Greg Schusteralong with all who donated to our MDA Fill the Boot. With your help we were able to raise $867.75! 

The East Dubuque Fire Department would like to thank Lieutenant Nick Williams for designing and building the roll out tray for our command vehicle. Nick spent the last two days working on this project. Your dedication to the department is greatly appreciated!

East Dubuque Firefighters Complete 9 Week Fire Department Academy

The East Dubuque Fire Department would like to congratulate Candidate Firefighters Colbi Culpepper, Curtis DeWulf, Mercedes Angelica Imai, & Dalton Kirk for successfully completing the East Dubuque Fire Department Recruit Academy! Thank you to Mayor Dan Welp, City Manager Geoff Barklow, & Alderman Randy Degenhardt along with members of the Fire Department that participated in the presentation.

Preparation for the Dedication of the Training Grounds on October 11, 2015

​The Chief Fire Officer Designation is an internationally-accepted model recognizing professional accomplishments and competence in fire and emergency services and offers fire and emergency services personnel career guidance and planning.  This designation is ​awarded through the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Ladder and Forcible Entry Drills at the Training Site