Last week the East Dubuque Fire Department was notified we were eligible for a $100,000, 0% interest loan for 10 years to purchase an ambulance from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The fire department went before the city council tonight to receive approval to enter into the loan. Thank you to the city council for approving the loan application. The ambulance will be paid for through the money generated from emergency transports to the hospital and other medical services rendered. Below are pictures of the ambulance we will be placing in service in the near future. Thank you to everyone on the department that helped with this project.

East dubuque Fire/EMS Department Seeks Community Help

Since September 11th, fire and emergency service departments all across the nation are struggling with increasing demands for service coupled with reduced funding. In order to respond to these increasing demands and provide more services to the community, the East Dubuque Fire Deaprtment has established a Fire Corps program and is seeking volunteers to help.
Fire Corps creates opportunities for citizens to give back to their community by providing non-emergency assistance to their local fire/EMS department. From creating websites to maintaining vehicles, promoting life safety education or offering administrative assistance, you can help your community become safer and better prepared for natural disasters, terrorist threats and other emergencies.
Fire Corps, a component of the Department of Homeland Security’s Citizen Corps program, is a national grassroots effort to increase the capacity of volunteer, career and combination fire and EMS departments through the use of community volunteers. Fire Corps provides resources for departments to utilize volunteers in non-emergency roles so they can develop, implement and sustain programs and services that will help their department meet the needs of their community.

For more information or to become a Fire Corps volunteer, contact Chief Joe Heim at 815-747-6619 or via the contact us page on the fire department website at

The East Dubuque Fire Department would like to thank the Dubuque Racing Association for funding our Cardiac Monitor program


The East Dubuque Fire Department would like to thank the Dubuque Racing Association for funding our Cardiac Monitor program. The grant award was for $7500.00. We were able to purchase a refurbished Zoll E Series monitor and mounting bracket.   This equipment will be able to be used by EMT's and Paramedics both. It has the capability to do cardiac monitoring as well as 12 lead EKG's and other features. 

The East Dubuque Fire Department would like to remind everyone that with the weather starting to get nicer to stay fire smart. If you are looking at burning that old brush pile or a field of dead grass make sure the weather conditions are right. Burn on a day where there is little to no wind, have a hose available to keep the area around the fire wet, ensure you are a minimum of 15 feet away from any structures, and most of all stay with the fire area you are burning until it is completely out. We along with our neighboring departments have already responded to a grass fire this year, let's try and keep that response for all area departments to a minimum! The other thing that goes along with this time of year are the backyard fire pits and the same rules apply as above. We hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe spring time season!

Congratulations to Firefighters Manny Alvarado & Jeremy Vondal on passing the National Registry EMT P test and also to Assistant Chief Tom Lange and Firefighter Kelley Brady on passing the National Registry EMT B test.

On behalf of the East Dubuque Fire Department I am pleased to announce that the Fire Department has lowered our Insurances Services Office (ISO) Rating from a Class 5 to a Class 4.  What this means for the home and business owners that we serve is a reduced cost on insurance premiums.  

We had our site visit from ISO 2 years ago and when all the paperwork came back we found that we were only 1.2 points away from obtaining the Class 4 rating.  We identified this as a goal in our Strategic Plan, worked on what needed to be done and were able to obtain the points needed.  This is a huge accomplishment for not only the fire department, but also the city.  If you see any of our members out and about be sure to say THANK YOU to them for their dedication and hard work for making this happen!!  Without their hard work and buy in we would have not received this. Now the work continues to keep improving and to maintain this classification!!  Chief Heim


East Dubuque